Reaching New Heights: Exploring High Level Cleaning

Jul 9, 2020

Cleaning at high levels is specialised work and requires the high level cleaning services of a professional business to ensure your goals are achieved while paying particular attention to health and safety. A comprehensive solution can tackle any issue, and there are many advantages to employing such a service.

Your business should consider commercial cleaning of buildings at height as a maintenance action. During the process, the technicians will spot any building maintenance issues, such as blocked guttering, so that action can be taken to prevent damage and save costly future repairs.

High level cleaning will also have your premises looking spick and span, from top to bottom. This will ensure you present your business in its best light to clients, partners, and the workforce.

Professional high level cleaning is a bespoke service that can remove dirt and grime from windows, skylights, walls, roofs, ceilings, light fittings, exterior cladding, racking, steelwork, and guttering.

The service involves cleaning the most challenging places to reach. Almost every business will want to make use of this solution at some point. This includes warehouses and distribution centres, factories, laboratories, medical production facilities, retail spaces, leisure facilities, offices, and sites involved in food production.

Is It Safe?

High level cleaning is carried out by experienced workers who have specialised skills in working safely at height or in confined spaces. These experienced workers are trained in the safe use of a range of equipment to get the job done effectively.

The process may involve using access equipment such as ladders, mobile scaffolding, cherry picker platforms, scissor lifts, vehicle-mounted aerial lifts, or self-propelled booms. At all times, actions conform to health and safety standards and guidelines.

You should select an insured company to undertake this type of work. They will carry out a site-specific risk assessment before high level cleaning gets underway. At Ratcliffe Cleaning, working at height is one of our core services, and we are the dedicated cleaning partner of many businesses across the West Midlands.

Benefits Of A High Level Clean

There many reasons to employ high level cleaning, in addition to the benefits of presentation and preventative maintenance. Many business sectors require the service to maintain a hygienically clean environment to remain compliant with stringent health and safety regulations. In particular, this applies to companies involved in food production or healthcare.

You will also be keeping your staff safe, who are not skilled or trained to carry out such work. Your business is unlikely to have the right equipment for cleaning at height. This specialised industrial-grade equipment might include jet washers, wet and dry vacuums, long reach poles, and water-fed brushes.

When it comes to cleaning at height, it is vital that you choose expert technicians who have experience working in internal and external environments at the beam-level.

For further advice or guidance, feel free to contact the team at Ratcliffe Cleaning. We create bespoke services to meet the needs of businesses and organisations. We can plan the work for a convenient time to avoid disrupting your business activities.