Decontaminate your school, retail, commercial or industrial premises using our disinfecting fogging service

Disinfecting fogging is one of the most convenient yet effective ways to ensure your workplace, healthcare facility, or school is safe and virus free. Ratcliffe Cleaning has an experienced team with specialised room fogging equipment that quickly clears spaces inside buildings or vehicles from airborne and surface traces any viruses. Our disinfecting fogging process cleans surfaces and kills viruses on desks, workspaces, equipment, and in the air.

The disinfecting fogging solution settles in cracks and crevices, where other cleaning methodologies such as wiping will not reach. Wherever germs can go, our fogging solution can too.

Our disinfection services are convenient and suitable for large and small spaces and single or multi-floor buildings. We can carry out the decontamination fogging during downtime or after hours, and your people can get right back to work after just a few minutes. Nothing is more reassuring to staff, teachers, pupils, and clients than a recently fogged and disinfected space.

Long-lasting decontamination fogging

Decontamination fogging is a spray of fine mist containing virus-defeating agents. The mist is extremely fine but exceptionally effective. What’s more, standard disinfection is only effective for one to two hours, whereas our solution protects areas from re-infection for an extended period.

Unique molecules bond to surfaces creating an antimicrobial film and a protective barrier that repels new contamination. The film’s effectiveness remains even after regular cleaning, and our team will clean all surfaces, from above and below.

Safe disinfection services

Our disinfecting fogging solution bonds to surfaces with an even coverage and does not damage office or school equipment such as computers and printers. There are no nasty chemicals, poisons, or alcohol, just an environmentally safe misting that does not stain surfaces, is odourless and non-corrosive.

There are no ill-effects on humans or animals, and the antibacterial ingredient dries quickly, so your team is ready to go within a couple of hours. Whether you are in the manufacturing, catering, eldercare, or education sectors, we will ensure your space achieves and maintains the highest hygiene levels. Get in touch with our friendly team for a free quote available across the West Midlands and Staffordshire locations such as CannockWest BromwichWolverhamptonStokeCoventry and Birmingham.

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