Main Benefits Of Hiring A Professional School Cleaning Service

Nov 30, 2022

As the Christmas holidays quickly approach, this often brings a sense of requirement. A true break from the hustle and bustle of the daily school schedule. A child’s time in school can influence the rest if their life. It is the responsibility of those in charge to ensure everything is in place to support their learning and wellbeing. Whilst teaching supplies and equipment are paramount, a clean school environment is the foundations for positive and productive learning. Here at Ratcliffe Cleaning, we will share the main benefits of hiring a professional school cleaning service.

Increases Productivity

Many researchers have found that the amount of clutter in a room directly affects performance and focus. Each item that surrounds you is, in your mind, vying for your attention. What’s more, your stress level can increase depending on the tidiness of your surroundings. With each item taking away some part of your attention, to keep track of everything around it your brain enters a heightened state of alertness.

In a school environment this will apply to every room, from classrooms to sports halls, and toilets to canteens. Where dirt and mess causes distraction, a clean and clear school environment enables pupils to work efficiently throughout the day.

Creates A Positive First Impression

Securing a positive first impression is imperative for any industry and schools are no exception. Culturally and socially, we are proficient to judge others through archetypes, stereotypes, consciously, or otherwise. Research has shown that as humans we judge a building within 38 seconds. For pupils, staff, and visitors, arriving at a clean and welcoming school is imperative for a positive approach to the day. This is not only applicable for current staff and students but also new. Clean windows, tidy classrooms, and litter free corridors.

Supports Health & Hygiene

From the common cold to a stomach bug, schools are notorious for the spread of infections and viruses. It is unsurprising then, that schools will always benefit from a regular school cleaning service. Schools need to ensure they meet infection control standards to protect their students from harmful bacteria and viruses. Maintaining a sanitised environment is more crucial than in most other places of work since immune systems are typically weaker in children. This is even more vital following times of pandemic such as COVID-19, as well as going forward.

Tips For Everyday Classroom Use

While it can seem like the work of keeping a classroom fully cleaned and disinfected is never finished. There are some quick and simple tasks you can do throughout the day to reduce the spread of germs.

  • Wipe down high-touch surfaces with a combination cleaner and disinfectant regularly
  • Keep hand sanitizer, tissues, and cleaning wipes handy for you and your students
  • Utilize no-touch bins in your classroom to minimize exposure to bacteria and germs
  • If you feel sick, stay home
  • If a student looks or feels sick, encourage them to see the school nurse and stay home until all contagious germs are gone

Ratcliffe Cleaning

We are school cleaning contractors that believe in creating the best environment and opportunities for educating minds. We build bespoke school cleaning packages for every client to ensure the service is suitable for your unique needs.

Our school cleaning company can offer the cleaning services you need daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. Cleaning takes place at times that suit your school’s schedule, and our highly trained cleaners use the best cleaning processes to ensure health and safety. Contact our team today to find out more about our school cleaning service.