Unlocking the Secrets of a Deep Clean: What to Expect

Jun 9, 2020

Thorough deep cleaning services are in high demand with the coronavirus outbreak, but businesses and homeowners understood the value of a deep clean even before then. A professional deep cleaning service helps bring premises and workspaces to exemplary health and safety standards, through disinfection and antiviral sanitisation.

Organisations request this service to preserve commercial equipment and maintain premises in good order. This comprehensive solution uses professional-grade equipment and top-quality cleaning products. It is essential in hospitals, schools, offices, public buildings, nursing homes, restaurants, bars, showrooms, theatres, transportation hubs, and many other spaces.

What Is A Deep Clean

Deep cleaning goes well beyond the regular cleaning service you may have. Regular cleaning takes place on a weekly or daily basis. Deep cleaning traditionally happens every six months, although COVID-19 has increased the service’s demand and regularity.

You can choose this solution as part of your back to work program to ensure the space is physically safe and hygienic. Landlords and renters can also use deep cleans at the end of the tenancy to ensure the full deposit is returned or to prepare the dwelling or business premises for the next tenant.

Regular cleaning often entails mopping floors, hoovering, tidying up, and cleaning toilets, sinks, and mirrors in washrooms. It might also include kitchen hobs, cupboard doors, and work surfaces. Deep cleaning tackles deeply worn-in dirt, grime, stains, and cobwebs.

A deep cleaning company will clean behind kitchen appliances, including ovens and fridges. It can include the inside of ovens, microwaves, and grills, and other items such as extractor fans, kettles, and toasters. The underneath of sinks, blinds, curtains, door and window frames, and the outside and inside of windows can all be included in what is usually a bespoke service.

You can tailor the program as needed and put a focus on removing scale from kitchen and bathroom tiles, showerheads, and taps, or the washing, wiping, and scrubbing of skirting boards, lampshades, radiators, plug sockets, thermostats, fixed phones, light switch plates, and inside and outside of bins.

Benefits Of A Deep Clean

There are many benefits of having a deep clean. A spotless and healthy environment will help businesses reduce the number of staff sick days, improve the air quality in offices and factories, and reduce allergens that might affect staff or business visitors.

A tidy and well looked after space creates a professional appearance that will impress potential clients and keeps teams motivated and productive. It can tackle high-level areas such as ceiling vents, ductwork, and lights, all while saving repair and replacement costs over the long term.

Your in-depth clean can help to reduce the risk of spreading viruses from one individual to the next by disinfecting touchpoints such as door handles and light switches. It is also possible to roll specialist services into the package, such as fogging with antimicrobial agents used for infection prevention and control. Fogging is the same technique followed in care homes and hospitals where a chemical mist quickly and effectively kills germs.