The Importance Of First Impressions In Business

Feb 7, 2022

In business as well as throughout life, making a good first impressions matters. Whether you are networking with investors or hosting an event for potential customers. Making a good first impression can be the difference between success and failure.

Over the years various studies have been conducted looking into the effects of first impressions. On average it takes around 12 seconds to form a lasting impression and opinion. Psychologists have created a theory around this known as the signalling theory. This explains why people make a split decision straight away instead of waiting for all of the facts. Researchers found that people like to take cognitive short cuts as often as possible. Frequently relying on associations and heuristics than to evaluate all the evidence. Therefore, when customers view a dirty business, they connect these views to the business, product, and people.

Why Are First Impressions So Important?

First impressions are generated subconsciously, when meeting strangers, applying for jobs, or promoting your service. They are part of every day life as well as within business. As a business owner providing a positive first impression is vital to creating a more receptive, open, and willing audience. Delivering your best first impression helps build brand credibility. This is especially important for a business who is new to the industry or niche. If a reputation has not been developed yet, it can begin by making that positive impression. Once created your business is then more likely to be viewed positive and move forward to achieving its goals.

Exterior Of Your Commercial Property

When it comes to first impressions the visual element is the most important sense of all. Research has found that 55% of people base their first impressions on what they see. Whereas 7% is on what people say and 38% on what people hear. Furthermore, the serial position effect states that people often recall the first and last things that are presented to them.

The exterior of any building is the first thing visitors see, making it vital for the first impression of your company. When poorly maintained, it can give the impression of neglect. Research has found that 73% of individuals judge a business based on its external appearance. However, often this area is forgotten about when you think of cleaning. Dirty exteriors, damaged guttering, poorly kept lawns, and moss all contribute to a less than appealing appearance.

Ratcliffe Cleaning

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Our services are tailored and bespoke for your needs. Operating on a flexible basis and able to work around you and your business. We work across the West Midlands and are one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable cleaning contractors in the industry.

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