The Benefits of End of Lease Cleaning

Oct 20, 2021

End of lease cleaning is one of the most thorough and deep cleaning services an individual can book. Once a person has left a property either business or commercial premises, professionals can then attend and prepare the area for the new tenant. Unlike regular cleaning, the team of professionals will stay until the clean is fully complete using industrial equipment to ensure cleanliness and hygiene is to the highest of specifications. This may include toilet and bathroom cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning, ceiling cleaning, wall cleaning, staffroom cleaning including any cupboards, kitchen cleaning including ovens and white goods and window cleaning; they cover everything and everywhere to a 5-star standard. This service is often beneficial for various reasons to both the leaser to ensure the area is ready for the next occupant and the tenant to ensure they get their security deposit returned in full.

Saves Money

Although superficially hiring professionals to clean rather than yourself may seem slightly extravagant, it is important to balance out the costs comparatively. For yourself to complete the job to the same standards you may need to buy appropriate products and equipment. Furthermore, the time it takes to complete may result in you having to take time out of your day-to-day life potentially then loosing out on your own wages. Lastly, if the job done by yourself is potentially not to the required standards for the landlord you could potentially lose out on your deposit being paid back in full. Weighing this up may in fact cost you more than paying for an end of tenancy cleaner.

Free your Time

As both a tenant and landlord cleaning can be a very time consuming and tedious job when done properly. Being a tenant moving out all you want to be concentrating on is your move and the practicalities that come with that. As well as being landlord perhaps you have various other properties that you need to manage and simply don’t have the time to concentrate on one. Hiring someone to clean your property means there is one less thing for you to worry and stress about and you can continue to organise other things for your day, with peace of mind.

Improved Occupancy Rate

As a landlord when your property is empty you are essentially losing money. Hiring end of lease cleaning services could improve your occupancy rate. When looking for new properties to rent tenants often ‘shop around’ and compare properties against each other. If your property is cleaned to the highest of standards this could benefit and sway their decision to then rent off, you.

High Standard of Cleanliness

End of lease cleaning companies such as Ratcliffe Cleaning have over 20 years’ experience and guarantee 100% satisfaction with their work. With such a professional approach and extensive knowledge around cleaning chemicals and equipment it is of the highest of standards. Experienced teams can use more effective products that match and compliment the areas being cleaned such as carpets which can often being arduous. Furthermore, one of the most common difficulties for landlords is managing any complaints. However, opting to employ end of tenancy cleaning services this problem could be reduced.

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