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As an employer, building manager, or office manager, keeping on top of COVID-19 is one of your most crucial tasks. Maintaining a Coronavirus-free environment means safe and healthy employees, lower absenteeism, and higher productivity. Contract office cleaning is vital, and a complete janitorial service extends to all parts of your premises, covering everything from mopping floors to high-level cleaning.

Our janitorial cleaning service can be tailored to cope with the pandemic sanitises your premises and includes the kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, and receptions.

All of these spaces contain high-touch surfaces, and regular janitorial cleaning of these is a must if we are to prevent contamination from COVID-19, the Delta-variant, and other viruses and bacteria.

Regular Cleaning To Stop The Spread Of Bacteria

Regular cleaning will help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses. The janitorial service for each business or organisation will be different. School cleaning janitorial services will be different from those of an office or workshop, but Coronavirus decontamination of high-touch surfaces remains a priority.

If you are a business or educational facility that is reopening, we recommend a deep clean prior to opening, followed by a janitorial service that is conducted ideally at least twice daily. If you become aware that your facilities have been used by someone who has contracted Coronavirus, then disinfecting fogging can be used to sanitise the air and all surfaces, frequently touched or not.

Further opportunities to prevent the spread of COVID-19, germs, and bacteria are also worth investigating and implementing. Regular hand washing (especially after using the WC and before and after preparing and eating food), introducing foot-operated bins, steam cleaning of carpets, soft furnishings, and curtains, and using disposable paper towels and cloths will all help you, your employees, and country manage the spread of bacteria and viruses.

High Standards Set By Ratcliffe Cleaning

Ratcliffe Cleaning upholds the highest health and safety standards through its cleaning services. When our highly trained technicians clean your spaces and equipment, your area is not just clean, but hygienically clean and sterile.

To fit around your business, we offer a flexible and tailored service. Our janitorial cleaning can be carried out at times that suit you and will be as regularly as you need.

To find out more about how our janitorial service can help your business or organisation halt the spread of COVID-19, please contact our team today.

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