Carpet Cleaning

Whether it is in your home, or office, have you ever wondered how clean the carpet is underfoot? The truth is that stains, discolouring, traffic lanes, and smells might be noticeable, still even clean-looking carpets harbour dirt that has the potential to cause health issues for you and your family, making regular carpet cleaning essential.

Carpets do a fantastic job at attracting and collecting greasy residue carried inside on the feet of people and pets and on the wheels of wheelchairs, pushchairs, and shopping trolleys. If these are not tackled and removed, they can quickly become permanent. In addition to the greasy residue, fine particles of sand and soil can work their way down into the pile of the carpet and begin to grind against and damage the carpet’s structure, shortening its life.

However, it is the nasties that cause ill health that is of most significant concern.

Your Carpet Could Be Making You Ill

Carpets trap and release airborne particles that might be making you ill. These include bacteria, fungi, chemicals, tars, pollen, and cigarette smoke. Carpet cleaning is vital for removing dust mites and allergy-inflaming proteins that can trigger asthma attacks, eczema, or rhinitis.

Adding to the list of undesirables making a home in your carpet pile are hairs, dust, insect feces, mould, insect husks, organic compounds, pet urine, and dead skin cells. 

4,000 Times Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

The reason that carpets can be troublesome is that they create a warm and comfortable environment for germs and organisms to collect and multiply. According to research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, your carpet can be 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat.

In fact, up to 200,000 bacteria are living in every square inch of our flooring, including MRSA and campylobacter. The bacteria can live for up to four to six weeks, including Norovirus (Norwalk virus), which produces symptoms similar to food poisoning and stomach flu. Most carpets will hold up to four times their weight in dirt.

The biggest challenge for homes and businesses is that carpet cleaning with a regular vacuum cleaner is insufficient for tackling ground in dirt and microscopic bacteria and allergens. Most often, the vacuum sucks these up and disperses them back into the air during carpet cleaning.

In contrast, professional carpet cleaning will remove approximately 98% of pollutants and dirt. This demonstrates that commercial carpet cleaning should take place often (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based on the environment and footfall), and even in residential settings, professional carpet cleaning is beneficial once every six months.

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