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As an employer or business owner, health and safety rules dictate that you must maintain a healthy and safe workplace. You are required to maintain the workplace and keep the premises clean, including fittings, furniture, and other facilities.

If health and safety rules are not followed, then you run the risk of destroying team morale, harmony, and productivity. On the flip side, a clean workspace and hygienic workstations reduce the number of sick days and keep productivity high.

Workspace cleanliness

To comply with health and safety rules, you must keep floors and stairs clean and ensure spillages are cleared up promptly. Within the work environment, there should be bins or containers for the disposal of waste materials. Regularly, bins should be disinfected, and bin liners should be replaced.

As a business, you are also responsible for removing dirt, trade waste, and refuse on a regular basis. Regulations state that ceilings and internal walls should be kept clean.

Even basic health and safety practices should cover removing furniture dust and cleaning keyboards, computer screens, mouses, and telephones. These actions will help to remove dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria.

Workspace hygiene

Hygiene is of the utmost importance to keeping your workforce healthy and productive. Clean toilets with a supply of toilet paper and hand basins are required. In the location of hand basins and sinks, there must be soap or other washing agents.

Paper towels, hot air dryers, or other means of drying should be provided in toilets along with a place for the disposal of female sanitary dressings. You may also need to maintain clean showers for emergencies or when your business has a dirty workplace. When necessary or practical, drying facilities for wet workwear and a space to change clothing should be provided.

Your company should have clean facilities for the workforce to rest and eat meals during breaks. Drinking water and a place to eat food where it will not become contaminated are needed.

Professional cleaning

Professional cleaning contractors can save you time and money. A professional cleaning company will be able to conduct regular cleaning, supply cleaning products, and use professional cleaning equipment for regular and deep cleans.

A clean office environment creates a great first impressions and disruption can be kept to a minimum with cleaning conducted out of office hours.

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