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How Disinfection Fogging Works

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues to pose a threat to people across the UK but disinfection fogging and other measures are helping to keep people safe and reduce the infection rate. Fogging is a convenient and highly effective method for controlling the virus, and here we take a look at how the process works and…

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Man with sponge and spray cleaning a surface

The Forgotten Surfaces You Should Be Cleaning

The virus that causes Coronavirus (COVID-19) can land on any surface when a person coughs, sneezes, talks, or breathes without wearing a mask. If another person then touches those contaminated surfaces and then touches their mouth, nose, or eyes, they can become infected. For this reason, surface cleaning is essential at home, at work, and…

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Woman cleaning office desk using a blue sponge

What Cleaning Is Recommended For Pubs & Restaurants To Prevent COVID-19

The 38% of pubs and restaurants with outdoor seating have been able to reopen, followed by those with indoor seating from the 17th of May, assuming that the government’s COVID-19 goals are met. Effective pub cleaning and restaurant cleaning will be vital if these establishments are to reopen and remain so entirely. It is essential…

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cleaners in their PPE

Will A Deep Clean Remove Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect businesses and people across all aspects of their life and work. As we begin to travel along the government’s roadmap to reopening non-essential services and permitting more significant social interaction, uncertainties remain as to whether this is the last wave of COVID-19 or will it mutate in a way…

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commercial cleaning contractor vaccuming industrial building

Where Should I Be Cleaning To Prevent Coronavirus Spreading

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread person to person in the air on tiny droplets of saliva. It is also spread through touching unclean surfaces or equipment. To tackle surface contamination, COVID cleaning and disinfecting is vital in the home and the workplace. Surfaces can become contaminated from a cough or sneeze of someone with Coronavirus. Surface…

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Cleaning in process sign is out

What Cleaning Is Recommended For Schools To Prevent COVID-19

Primary schools, secondary schools, private schools, and colleges all have a part to play in preventing infection and the spread of COVID-19. In the coronavirus era, educational establishments need to take extra steps to ensure students and teachers stay safe. One of the most effective tools that will reduce the risk of infection is regular…

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Is Fogging effective against Coronavirus

Disinfection fogging is an effective method for sanitising areas people use frequently. These spaces include transportation hubs and schools, and places where the vulnerable visit or reside, such as hospitals, care homes, and other healthcare establishments. Disinfection fogging is also beneficial in workplaces and wherever there are confirmed cases of Coronavirus. To understand how disinfection…

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Low angle view of three suspended window cleaners

What is a high level clean

Cleaning at high levels is specialised work and requires the high-level cleaning services of a professional firm to ensure your goals are achieved while paying particular attention to health and safety. A comprehensive solution can tackle any issue, and there are many advantages to employing such a service. Your business should consider commercial cleaning of buildings at…

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School Classroom

Keeping Schools Clean During COVID-19

Keeping schools clean during COVID-19 is vital for protecting the wellbeing of students, teachers, and administrators, as well as their families and the wider community. Public and private primary and secondary schools and colleges should have a clear school cleaning plan for school re-opening and ensure education can continue throughout the term. Your school may…

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Lady deep cleaning windows and blinds

What To Expect From A Deep Clean

Thorough deep cleaning services are in high demand with the coronavirus outbreak, but businesses and homeowners understood the value of a deep clean even before then. A professional deep cleaning service helps bring premises and workspaces to exemplary health and safety standards, through disinfection and antiviral sanitisation.  Organisations request this service to preserve commercial equipment and maintain premises…

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An image of the coronavirus

Deep Cleans Required After Outbreak Of Corona Viruses in UK Schools

Coronavirus The deadly coronavirus is sweeping the globe and everyone has been placed on high alert to prevent the virus spreading further. More cases are being confirmed daily in the UK, parts of Italy are now sealed off and tourists at a Tenerife hotel have been advised to stay in their rooms. Based on the…

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Cleaning in process sign is out

Health and safety rules for a clean workspace

As an employer or business owner, health and safety rules dictate that you must maintain a healthy and safe workplace. You are required to maintain the workplace and keep the premises clean, including fittings, furniture, and other facilities. If health and safety rules are not followed, then you run the risk of destroying team morale,…

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man using industrial steam cleaner outdoors

The Importance of a Clean Warehouse

Warehouse and storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is the same across them all. Dirt and debris seem to build up in a warehouse overnight, and if left, the situation can get out of control. An unclean warehouse or storage facility can have a surprising impact on your business. Here…

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Glassy Office Interior Cleaning. Caucasian Men Cleaning Glass Elements.

The benefits of office cleaning

The office is the central hub to your business. Part of having a smooth operation centres around having a tidy and clean environment for your workforce. A clean office and office facilities lets your employees focus on the work they need to do, increasing productivity. Second to this, a clean office presents a great first…

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school child sick with norovirus

Cleaning Up Your Act After School Norovirus Outbreak

What is the Norovirus? The Norovirus is arguably one of the most contagious winter sickness bugs of recent times with reports of more than 60 outbreaks of the Norovirus in schools over the past seven days alone. With at least 25 different strains of the virus, contributing to symptoms that include sickness, diarrhoea and a…

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