Is Your Gutter Winter Ready?

Nov 12, 2021

Winter certainly feels like it is well and truly on the way, with the media already talking about snowfall. Now is the time to start ‘winter proofing’ your property. Winter months are the worst time for your guttering system, putting added strain on it. People often put in place measures to aid their plumbing, heating, and installation forgetting about outside of their homes.

High winds and storms can lead to leaves, branches, and other debris landing into your system. Furthermore, living in the UK you are never quite sure when the snow and ice will arrive. Once it does land on our roofs, it thaws and falls into our gutters. This alongside beautiful icicles that form on the edge of gutters, adds weight strain to the gutting. This results in warping and cracking. Additionally, if ice starts to build up inside the gutter, this can prevent free flowing water and result in an ice dam and then over flow the gutter. The idea behind guttering is to drain water away from your building, warehouse, or factories foundations. When this doesn’t happen, it can lead to the water entering the building and potentially causing water damage, mould, and damp.

For these reasons it’s vital to ensure your gutters are prepared in advance before winter fully arrives and snowfall occurs to avoid any damage.

Prevention is Key

By completing routinely checks and maintenance, you can have peace of mind that your guttering system is flowing correctly and protecting your building. It is worth keeping in mind that often insurance companies won’t pay for building damages if it has occurred due to poor or irregular maintenance. This is often due to their view of the damage could have been prevented.

Check for Damage

Firstly, you need to check for any damaged, cracked, or warped gutting. Gutters could also start to come away from the fascia on the side of your building and result in damage of the actual fascia boards. If gutting is damaged your gutters could break and potentially fall off, causing a health and safety issue and making your building vulnerable to further foundation and drainage issues. Furthermore, checking that the guttering angle is still correct to ensure a proper flow of water away from your building.

Clean your gutters

Once any damage has been rectified, it is advised you clean your gutters. Leaves, branches, and other debris can cause significant damage and blockages, leading to potential warping from the added weight. Adding snow and ice to these elements and a various of problems could then arise.

Hire a Professional

Ratcliffe Cleaning offer an effective, cost efficient and reliable gutter cleaning service. Our highly professional team work across various industries to keep your property clean and dry for years to come. Using the highest-quality products and the most advanced techniques we ensure any blockages are completely removed. Whether you need a one off gutter cleaning or regular maintenance work, you can rely on Ratcliffe Cleaning for all your gutter clearing needs. Contact us today.