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Businesses might run various types of in-person events for their staff, customers, or partners. These might be festivals, conferences, business meetings, weddings, and much more. To ensure your event is COVID-safe, now that there are no set restrictions, event cleaning is vital. Whether you have a handful of staff or thousands of attendees, our event cleaning will help keep everyone safe. 

The Regulations Around Hosting Safe Events

Although, there are no set covid restrictions in England currently, the UK government has set regulations for events. This includes increased cleaning, adequate ventilation, turning symptomatic people away, and enabling checking in at your venue.

Your business should:

  • Conduct a risk assessment using the risk management template and prepare a medical response plan. 
  • Determine your event capacity and carefully consider natural and mechanical ventilation in relation to the venue size and distancing measures.
  • Check with your local authority for updated COVID-19 regulations.
  • Inform attendees what the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 are and ask them not to attend if they display any of these. Attendees must not come to your event if they have been diagnosed with Coronavirus or have been in direct contact with a person suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19, during the previous fourteen days. It will help ensure this advice is followed by making it clear that you will offer a refund under these circumstances. 
  • Insist that staff do not work or attend if they have symptoms. 

The signs and symptoms of Coronavirus include:

  • Fever (high temperature)
  • Gastro-intentional issues
  • Persistent cough
  • Changes to their sense of smell or taste

Your business should also:

  • Install handwashing stations with soap and hand sanitiser and display information on proper handwashing in line with WHO recommendations (at least twenty seconds).
  • Encourage staff and attendees to wear face coverings, even though not legally required.
  • Reduce crowding at toilet facilities by introducing a one-way system.
  • Use contactless payment solutions.
  • Provide closed bins and ensure frequent rubbish collection.
  • Support NHS Test and Trace by continuing to ask for people’s details, even though this is no longer legally required. You can do this by displaying an NHS QR Code Poster.

Benefits Of A Before & After Event Cleaning Service

As COVID-19 event cleaning is adopted, it will become routine and not seem out of place for workers or guests. Our event cleaning services follow WHO and HSE recommended cleaning guidelines and use approved disinfecting products for tackling COVID-19.

Pre-event cleaning ensures the space is hygienically clean, removing or killing virus traces left by contractors or individuals previously using the area. We also offer after-party clean and festival clean-up services.

Pre- and post-event cleaning will disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as toilet handles and buttons, sinks, taps, doorknobs, light switches, handrails, lift controls, and countertops. If the event includes multiple showtimes or groups, you should talk to us about disinfection and cleaning between these times.

Depending on the size of the space, disinfecting fogging may form part of the cleaning methodology.

If you would like to get a price and arrange event cleaning, please contact our team today.

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