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The office is the central hub to your business. Part of having a smooth operation centres around having a tidy and clean environment for your workforce. A clean office and office facilities lets your employees focus on the work they need to do, increasing productivity.

Second to this, a clean office presents a great first impression for visitors and clients. To create the right impression, your reception, conference room, and back office all need to look tip-top.

Using an office cleaning company will deliver long term cost savings. The delivery of cleaning services is completely flexibility to your business schedule and can occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Daily and deep clean services can include:

Carpet and floor cleaning
• Janitorial services
• Janitorial supplies
• Office window cleaning
External facade cleaning
• Automatic air freshener replacement

Office cleaning contracts can take care of dust control mats, toilet roll and paper roll replenishment, feminine hygiene bins, and hoovering and mopping floors.

The benefits of a hygienic office space

A hygienic and healthy environment is absolutely vital for many reasons. A hygienic workspace means fewer sick days, which can be a major loss to productivity and company profit.

The eradication of allergens, bacteria, dust mites, mould spores, and other germs is essential for employee health and particularly for employees that have asthma. Furthermore, your workers can spread illnesses simply by touching surfaces such as desks, computer keyboards, phones, and door handles.

Regular cleaning of these surfaces in needed, along with replenishing hygiene-related consumables such as hand soap.

Professional cleaning contractor

The advantages of using a cleaning company with professional expertise, using high-quality cleaning products, have become evident. For bespoke professional industrial and commercial office cleaning services, contact Ratcliffe Cleaning Contractors today.

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